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Advanced Waterjet and Engraving has the capabilities to engrave many different materials using their Universal CO2 35watt laser. The working area is 18" x 32" and can handle materials up to 12" thick. The laser can cut material, some up to 1/4" thick, but is most used for engraving on wood, acrylic, paper, cork, anodized aluminum, glass, leather, vinyl, rubber, and stone.

We can laser engrave foam pumpkins with great detail.  This is a rastered version.  We also can do cut out pumpkins that look great.

An example of a grayscale Bitmap lased on bass wood.

We can even engrave on paper. We use specially made laser paper allowing us to etch off the top layer of color to reveal the base color underneath. These papers come in a variety of colors and weights.

Here is the laser in action cutting 1/8" maple laminated onto luan.

Although we did not lase this piece, this is an excellent example of what can be achieved on the laser using black granite.

This is an example of a highly detailed grayscale photo recreated on black granite. Almost any photo with good contrast can be lased onto granite or marble.

Mylar or Velum cuts very nicely in the laser. I cut mylar snowflakes for the Holidays. They hold up much better than plain paper.

I made our Holiday cards this year using the laser and regular card stock. Here is one of the designs.

We carved this Funkin using the CO2 laser. Many intricate designs can easily be cut using the laser.

Acrylic is another material that lases very well. This image was reversed and etched on the backside of the acrylic.

This image has been laser engraved on a blue glass ornament using our laser and the rotary tool.

Cork is an excellent media to use in the laser. This was a color picture converted to grayscale and etched on 1/8" cork.

These are two great examples of etching on Pure Black Marble.  I found these images online and converted them to grayscale.


Cork lases beautifully. This was half inch cork that was then cut into puzzle pieces.

Inside of the Holiday Card.

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